Monday, 12 November 2007

Reflections on LEJOG

I'm back in Scotland on a work trip and reflecting on my LEJOG bike ride I find that various memories come crowding in:
* cycling through Tintagel in the (relatively) early morning mist and coming across various people dressed up in Arthurian clothes for a re-enactment festival.
* pushing the bike-with-too-many-names up an endless hill that seemed to go on for ever on a hot sunny day just outside South Molton
* buying a Cornish pastie in Boscastle and thinking about the flood they had
* over using my brakes down all those steep hills in Dorset and Devon
* the horrendous traffic and road layout in Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye. Why don't we ban all private traffic from town and city centres? Minimise any goods travelling by road?
* the early morning sunlight cycling out of Much Wenlock
* the B and Bs in Somerset and Black Isle
* arriving in High Bentham with a flood of memories from many previous visits from 1974, 1982 etc
* leaving Manchester via off road route up the Irwell valley
* crossing the Forth Road Bridge - magic
* the staggering beauty of the Scottish Highlands
* doing 80 miles in one day in the Highlands
* the generosity of people I met enroute
* my pleasure when my journey finally ended in Edinburgh at the railway station
* raising over £1000 and having over 1,000 hits on this blog site
* being able to do the LEJOG trip with no physical problems to me or bike.

Best to all,

Bill on bike

Thursday, 8 November 2007

awesome biking


the CTC sends out to their members a regular email bulletin which is well worth the membership fee in itself. The latest has a stunning and awesome clip of a cyclist doing a reverse double backward flip which still on his bike.Watch it on:

Meanwhile I am mostly enjoying cycling to work apart from a puncture halfway home yesterday and my mile and speedometer is on the blink. My yoga teacher Sebastian is suitably impressed by my LEJOG cycling and has invited to join him and a group that do some regular cycling around and outside Manchester so watch this space.

Tonight they switch the Xmas lights on in Manchester (shock, horror) but Rowan, the daughter of my friends in Bentham who put me up on the Manchester-Edinburgh leg, is dancing so will be off to see her tonight.

I am still counting the money as more sponsors keep turning up, its over a £1000 and I'll close it soon - that means there is still time to dig deep!

Take care,

Best to all,

Bill on bike