Wednesday, 6 January 2016


When I was a young man I remember thinking, ‘If I can’t be happy in love then at least let me be famous.’ Later as a therapist people sometimes treated me as special on account of how transformative therapy can sometimes be. But in more recent years it is so clear to me how ordinary I am and that I am/was pretty good at my job but that’s it. Now that I am winding down out of the academic world after 20 years I can’t believe how quickly that time went and how over it now feels despite my remaining one day a week temporary contract! Today the ordinary me is noticing the birds and nature more, feeling humility at my GPs surgery this morning – what’s my shoulder problem compared with some of the poor ones waiting in line with me? And so thankful for how well I am just now. Then a bit of shopping at the local bookshop, some philosophical banter with the shop assistant in Boots, a ‘Hello’ to our old postman and to my daughter’s primary school best friend and her dad. Simple things part of a simpler life but still oh so precious. I want to savour the time I have left and today I am truly thankful.