Sunday, 4 August 2019

Rise! Rise!

Some years ago I felt that all the working relationships I was in - with clients, groups, supervisees, academic supervision of dissertations and theses - that I was doing the same thing. Loving (agape I reckon) people, being with them and seeing what arose in me in response to them and choosing whether and how to share this.
 I haven't worked as an individual therapist since 2001 when my sister died and I took time off temporarily. I always assumed that when I (kind of) retired that I would work as a therapist again. But no says the voice inside even though I feel guilty (I know, I know but...) But stuff is still happening with me around people I met. It is stunning what a smile can do. So this apparently not doing much maybe being more(?) and the impact of small things on us seems to be the thing to me.
And now an old friend of mine is suffering from a degenerative disease and more. After speaking on the phone to him I felt a bit useless afterwards and how unfair life and God is. Then in the silent section of the Unitarian Service this morning I was, as I often do, saying the Lord’s Prayer to myself. Suddenly another voice told me ‘Rise, Rise!’. I knew what it meant. Often in the silence my body stretches upwards and sometimes thoughts and energies turn up. On this occasion it was all clear to me: to be present to my friend despite feeling useless!