Monday, 23 May 2016

Frozen poem


It hurt me to hug you
Nothing personal
Frozen shoulder

Looking for a reason
A cause
Something or someone to blame

But so what?
It hurts is all

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Glad not to see him - homeless poem

Glad not to see him – homeless poem

Young man begging outside the coffee shop 8am.
I come out and put £2 into his paper cup.
He thanks me and gives me a deep look
- He's seen me and seen me seeing him.
Something real has happened.
I am touched by his look,
It’s not anguish,
He’s not pleading
It’s two humans connecting.

Some weeks pass
And I get in the habit of
Giving him a couple of quid
Today I finally puck up the courage
To talk to him
Have you anywhere to stay?
No but I’m on a waiting list for a hostel
It’s been 5 months
I keep going back to them.

I’m appalled
5 wintry months sleeping in a car park
I hope he’s fallen through the net
This is Manchester 2016
Surely we wouldn’t leave people on the streets over winter?

Just saw the young homeless man again
He has an appointment next Tuesday
And hopes never to see me again
I hope so too
He crosses himself

He has taught me
It’s not enough to just give money
There is a person on the other side
Sparing a few words is important too
For both of us

It’s Wednesday 8am now
And there is a space outside the coffee shop
And he’s not there
I miss him
But I am glad not to see him

Monday, 2 May 2016

Grey Power

Grey Power

Me thinking
Old people were weak and frail
But their spirit is strong
Or even because
Of how they suffer
They support each other
And their children
And their grand children

So don‘t feel sorry for us pensioners
Treat us with some respect
We have earned our stripes
Our marks
Which we carry on our backs

So when you see
A group of us
Up to no good
Don’t write us off
Or if you do
More fool you

Even politicians
Are not stupid
To ignore grey power

And inevitably
You will become
One of us
In time
(Or die trying)