Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Boss meets Q once more

The Boss meets Q once more
- Hi Boss.
- Hi Q.
They shake hands and the Boss sits in his usual chair in Q’s study.
- So what brings you here today?
- Hmm… as you know I have two in-laws with Dementia and also two good mates with degenerative illnesses and my best friend needs major surgery….
- Hm.
- And I find it tough to be at peace with this ongoing chronic suffering by these people that I love. I feel so useless and it seems so unfair. (The Boss buries his head in his hands.)
- Hmm, sighs Q.
- And please, please don’t tell me ‘All things will be well.’….or that “enlightenment is to be found in suffering”.
- I wont… I promise.
- Good, but it does raise personal theological issues for me.
- Which are?
- Why does God design us this way and allow this suffering to continue? I can accept short term acute suffering and the pain of bereavement, but this chronic pain as people I love slowly deteriorate and lose it, well-
- Well?
- Well I have no choice but to be with them.
- Hmm.
- Don’t hmm me!
- OK (Q holds up his hands in submission and then goes on to say) You are choosing to stay in touch with your ill family members and friends.
- Of course… What else could I do?
- You could walk away. And some do.
- I can’t. Indeed I wont.
- You wont?
- No I bloody well will not!
- OK then… You are choosing to stay in contact.
- I am!
- That’s grand.
- It is?
- It is. Who knows what will come out of this.
- Oh.
- For any and everyone involved.
- Oh.
- Oh indeed.

They settle down into silence.