Sunday, 20 March 2016

With all my gratitude - poem

With all my gratitude

I am feeling spoilt
In this moment
So much given to me
I don’t deserve it

But that is not it
I am deeply thankful
And a little scared
To whom so much is given
So much is asked

But you have given me
The joy of this sunrise
The gift of this food
The grace of this company

And still I fear what is asked of me
I can do what I can do
Walk the next steps
On this journey of life
Greet fellow pilgrims
Share in their pain and pleasure
And offer of myself unto them
As necessary

I can’t deny my gifts
Limited as they seem
But if I can render unto you
I will

Give me a place to stand
And people I can be of use to
And I will plant seeds
Whether they grow I cannot tell
And that is not my task

May rain fall and sun shine
And these words blossom
In all that seems true
With all my gratitude.