Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My (psychic) party piece

As some of you know my party piece, especially after having a slug of brandy, is to tell people’s fortunes by examining the food leftovers on their plate including where the cutlery is placed. It is an absurd piece of theatre. However, some of it makes terrific sense. I’ll give you 3 examples:

1) Looking at a youngish women’s plate I think of her ova, but not thinking pregnancy as such and so I tell her this and she tells me that she has recently donated some of her eggs altruistically;

2) I am at a conference where a young Chinese woman asks me to read her plate which I do. This is witnessed by a young Chinese man, who is a psychiatrist, to whom this woman has poured out her heart. So much of what I tell her she has just told him and he, especially is gob smacked.

3) With a youngish Afro American man I can’t get the image of a boat out of my head. I tell him and he says that he has just brought a boat as he lives in Florida and that this is how he relaxes.

Now I am not actually telling people their futures. What I seem to be doing is tapping into important information about them that I am unaware of. I surmise that this information comes to me through the interconnection of our energy fields straight into my unconscious where images are produced.

Comments please! I do know that statistically this is suspect since I am telling you only 3 examples from several hundred such readings. Also you have to trust me when I say I did not already know this information about these relative strangers to me. Actually this all occurred at international conferences!