Saturday, 23 November 2013


My friend Catherine recently told me how she wanted to be a saint. I was horrified at first and was flooded with memories of my own failure to be like Jesus. Having Jesus as a model is all very well but setting the bar that high for human behaviour is disabling - well it is for me at the very least! I am just a poor imperfect human being doing my best, trying to rein to the excesses of my ego and trying to face and embrace my shadow side and recognise how I am not that good and worthy as I might like to think I am. So becoming like Jesus - no that's inhuman - I still sin, mostly omissions, despite my best efforts and need forgivness. But sainthood? Well many of the saints had rich sinful early lives. I can relate to that! Sometimes their sainthood only comes out in their final moments - I can aspire to that! Meanwhile I'll do my best to love and be loved.