Sunday, 7 June 2015

Q again

The Boss visits Q once more.
- Hi Boss
- Hi Q…. I am glad to see you again…. There’s so much change kin the air for me that I get scared
- Hmm
- Yeah really scared. I lose sense of my life having meaning and purpose and… and I get afraid that I will be stuck at home staring at the walls or even worse staring at the TV or computer screen!
The Boss chuckles.
- Hey that’s not funny!
- Oh… sorry
- Not matter. Actually it is a bit funny you know. I am not one to be bored for very long. Life does not work that way or not so far….. But I am scared of being old and useless and unwanted.
- Yeah?
- Yeah! It does happen!
- And you have no choice?
- Not if I get ill and lose my marbles.
- You would still be a delightful soul and people would still respond to that.
- Oh!
- Yes what do you think people are responding to in you in any case?
The Boss thinks.
- My enthusiasm firstly.
Q nods.
- Interesting word enthusiasm – ‘full of God’
- Ah…. When my God mother lost it and no longer recognised me she was still a wonderful person. So maybe I can be like her if I lose it. Meanwhile I just need a focus or two or three for my enthusiasm.
Q smiled.