Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Interesting days

Interesting days! Last Saturday whilst facilitating a group tutorial at the University of Chester I noticed some coloured auras around some of the students. It had been a deep sharing including a mention of shamanism(!) but it was my first time in years that I had seen these colours.

Later that same day I went to see the Elton John film and found myself weeping through most it. Some of this was about remembering my own 1950s childhood and the struggle to be who I was and express it through my work. But also I was moved by Elton’s facing up to his addictions and how his life changed for the better afterwards.

Then Monday I am in London being videod by Confer for an online module by about therapy and spirituality and in the warm up to this I am reflecting on my 1970s life in Notting Hill and my earliest spiritual experiences and my time between 1968 and 1990 when I had no faith group to belong to.

After videoing they book me an Uber taxi back to my B & B; the first one does not show – some electronic hassle or other. The second one is a Tesla car, so smooth, which is driven by an actor. We get talking and it turns out he is starring in a film out this Autumn about an Afghan Army vet who has PTSD. He then tells me that he has recently been in the rain forest with his wife and they has done some life changing shamanic practices there as which sent her coeliac condition into remission, and which was life changing for him. I was gob smacked as a young member of my extended family has recently been diagnosed as coeliac and I have been musing about this and related illnesses recently.

It seems to me that we are perhaps seeing more people suffering from hard to diagnose conditions that really impact on their lives. I am wondering why. It could be pollution is a factor or that there is some other reason why what we get ill with changes over time.