Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music making

In recent weeks I have been learning Clare de Lune on the piano. There's a beauty and a softness to it that sometimes comes out in my playing especially on my piano teacher Rebecca's lovely piano. I can actually hear the difference. I can't yet control this softness or rather I can't just let it happen. I'm too tense some of the time but when it can come through it's wonderful. So piano playing becoese like a mediative spiritual journey. Not suprisingly my best playing is usually first thing in the morning after my early morning yoga practice - 10 minutes a day, every day now for six weeks. Then walk round to the bus stop with my daughter,, then bike ride to work and then its down hill all the way :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Terry's book

I spoke at a book launch last night in the bookshop at Manchester Cathedral. My good friend Terry Biddington was launching his 'Recipies for good living: the beginner's guide to spirituality'. It is well worth reading. there's a couple of good reveiws on Amazon: