Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nice Ending Poem

Nice Ending
Rebus has got his man
And celebrates in the ox with Siobhan

Nice Ending
You walked away from me
And I didn’t feel sad

Nice Ending
You died and I wept
And then I felt all calm

Nice Ending
We shared a brandy together
And you left and I slept

Nice Ending
I got on the plane
And it left Nairobi

Nice Ending
It’s what we all want
Death at home in our beds with our boots on.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

At home

Sometimes I catch myself saying out loud (and it is often in the bathroom for some reason!) 'I want to go home'. This makes me wonder what home means to me. I certainly don't feel at home' in Manchester where I have lived for the last 18 years. Indeed I feel that I 'live in exile' in Manchester. But I no longer belong where I was born in Kidderminster in Worcestershire even though those West Midland and Brummie accents invoke such nostalgia in me. Indeed I was desparate to leave home from aged 14 onwards and never really went back after going to Uni at aged 18.

So being at home is not really a place for me. I do feel at home at times with groups of people when I can really let my hair down and I have discovered that it is nothing to do with alcohol as I have been high as a kite with people when no drink has been taken.

I do feel at home in some sacred sites including some churches (Lastingham, Durham cathedral, stone circles (think Avebury or Callanish) and of course when I have a mystical experience - in touch with all - then I am then really at home.