Monday, 24 September 2012

New mystic (3)

- The explosion took everybody by surprise. Luckily no one was that near to Rachel’s canal boat when it blew up with a satisfying whumph sound. No other boats were moored nearby and it being a wet night there were very few people out- - So who did it? - That’s the sixty four thousand dollar question! - And? - And… you want to know who we have in the frame? - Yeah! - No-one… or at least no-one we can arrest. - And? - You’re getting a bit like a speaking clock. (They both laughed.) - Word on the streets is that Jan might be involved. Paul raised a quizzical eyebrow, - How come? - Well, word is (why did Mickey always talk in such clich├ęs wondered Paul) that someone has been smuggling refugees into Manchester and Jan doesn’t like it as that’s part of his business. - Rachel?... Smuggling refugees?.... In her canal boat?… I don’t get it. - It seems unlikely to me, but it is a great way of moving people without anyone really knowing. I mean who watches the canals… and it would be so easy to hide some one in the boat. - Maybe… but I still don’t see Rachel being at all mixed up in this. - Well we are going to be asking her all the same. - Do you mind if I have a work with Jan? He’s more likely to talk to me than he is to you and yours. - No probs Paul. (Paul winced at Mickey’s use of slang.) Mickey left soon after leaving Paul nursing his second cappuccino and wondering whether he really wanted to meet with Jan. No way, but he would do almost anything to help Rachel. The trouble was he was beginning to feel his credit was running out with Jan and he didn’t want to be in his debt. Later at Sandbar Paul met with Jan. Why had Jan suggested Sandbar puzzled Paul. It was a fairly visible place for a notorious gang leader to be seen in. But maybe that was part of Jan’s strategy. Or maybe he just didn’t care? They met in the back room which involved crossing an old cobbled floor that had a very Victorian look to it – it certainly hadn’t been changed much in years. Who knows what wheeling and dealing those cobbles had witnessed. Sandbar itself was an arty, studenty pub off Oxford Road, a bit like Fuel but a whole lot less punky and less female. The cappuccino was as excellent though. Jan was as ever quiet spoken, well dressed and seemingly a gentle soul with sharp blue eyes, blond short hair, average height and the body of a man who worked out regularly at the gym. Curiously Paul trusted Jan or at least trusted him to be as good as his word. Like it or not Jan delivered. If he promised you money or some service that was what you got. He expected the same from you and if you did not deliver more fool you. There were plenty of people who had visited A & E departments having learnt this lesson the hard way. The ones who ended up in the River Mersey would have told the same story in stronger language if they had been alive enough to speak. Which they weren’t! Indeed their bodies were rarely found so even that part of the story rarely got told. But someone the word got around and Jan standing was not lessened by the extra spin put on these stories. - So what do you want Paul? - Well there was an explosion on a canal boat near Altrincham last night. - Yeah I know. - Why? - Why? - Yeah why was it blown up? - You reckon I know? - Do you? - Suppose I did… why do you want to know? - The boat belongs to a friend of mine who is already in deep trouble with the police. - Girl friend? - No, piano teacher… how did you know it was a she? Jan laughed, - It’s my job to know these things. - OK tell me what is going on. - Let’s just say that someone has been messing with my patch… - And blowing up the boat was a warning? Jan shrugged. - Who was it? - Blowing the boat? - No, on your patch? - Well certainly not your piano teacher… but she needs to be careful who she hangs out with. - Yeah? - Yeah… the thing is- one of Jan’s associates poked his head round the door and nodded in reply to Jan’s unspoken question -…got to dash Paul. - Who? - Watch the Yank! With that Jan left flanked by his associate.

Poem if souls could shatter

If souls could shatter/ I’d be in pieces on the floor/ If souls could shatter/ We’d look after them better/ If souls could shatter/ You’d get glue on the NHS/ If souls could shatter/ We’d sing very very carefully/ If souls could shatter/ We’d treat each other with kid gloves/ If souls could shatter/ I’d lead a different life./

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Learning from the Paralympics

I put this on Facebook roday but it is too good nto to share it here I reckon: My learning from watching the Paralympics. Explore things you feel like trying out not necessary just sport. Don't be put off by any barriers you can get round including those inside you. Maybe set yourself some achievable goals if that works for you. Find friends to share your new interests with. Learn from what seems like mistakes. If it makes you feel good it probably is good.